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2013 BAPA Executive Committee
Feb. 2013 -- The 2013 BAPA Executive Committee was recently sworn in. Continuing their service are Matthew Cleveland, President (East Beverly), Leslie Cheonwith, 2nd Vice President (West Beverly), Abe Lentner, 1st Vice President (East Beverly), Dennis O’Malley, Treasurer (Beverly Bank), Margaret Tucker, Secretary (Morgan Park), Catherine Raaflaub (Morgan Park), John Kallianis (Morgan Park), Thomas Chomicz (Beverly Ridge), Melinda Lawrence (Southwest Morgan Park), Anthony McKenna (Southwest Beverly), and Warren Lawson (Southwest Beverly).
New to the Executive Committee are:
  • Lori Parrett (Morgan Park). Lori  is invested in our community as both a homeowner -- she and her family live in the historic Dr. German House -- and as the owner of Cakewalk Chicago on 99th Street.
  • Katy Jacob. Katy  has a background in Urban Planning and has worked on housing issues, and currently works at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. She owns a house in Beverly Ridge as well as the Vanderpoel Improvement association areas.
  • Josh Barron. Josh is a property owner with commercial buildings near the Metra tracks. For the past few years he has worked tirelessly to re-establish the Beverly Ridge Homeowners Association and has recruited a team of enthusiastic volunteers. He is Principal of Allen B. Shepherd High School.