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Ridge Run - Group Me



Create a private text messaging group to stay in touch with your fellow runners, family and friends before and after the race! Train, run, and celebrate together!



What is GroupMe and Why Use It
  • GroupMe lets you effortlessly group text with the people in your life that are important to you. It’s your real-life network, in your pocket. It’s free and works on every phone.
  • Brings group text messaging and calling to every phone. Through GroupMe you can send a text message to multiple people and your friends can reply all, creating a group conversation on your phone.
GroupMe Functions
  • Group Messaging
    • Start groups with the people already in your contacts, or invite them from Twitter, Facebook, and email.
    • Send and receive messages using your data connection, so iPod touches can join in the fun.
    • Share photos with your group.
  • Location
    • Add your location to any message you send.
    • See all group members on a map.
    • Check into foursquare when you add your location [optional].
  • Conference Calling
    • Every group gets a unique phone number.
    • Any group member can call the number to start a group conference call.
GroupMe + Dick’s Sporting Goods National Runners’ Month
  • Runners who are participating in the ten races that make up Dick’s Sporting Goods National Runners’ Month will be able to use this application to form private groups with fellow runners, family members and friends.
  • This can be a valuable communication tool for your runners’ and will help them stay in touch before and after the race.
  • As an additional benefit, we will be able to send messages about your race to these groups.

Visit GroupMe + Dick’s Sporting Goods National Runners’ Month at:  http://groupme.com/nationalrunnersmonth and start your group today!